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Designed by Mike Waller

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The WALLER 880 Cat is a full length bridge deck catamaran designed for family coastal cruising, with the occasional foray further afield. Full length bridge decks have several advantages in smaller cats, in that they provide a stronger hull structure, more deck space, are easier to construct and eliminate the need for expensive bow beam structures. They also eliminate bow netting which needs to be maintained and replaced on a regular basis. Pounding in heavy weather is minimized by keeping the bridge deck clearance as high as practical in a vessel this size. It should be noted that vessels of this configuration have safely completed the longest ocean voyages, including circumnavigations. An ideal boat for the amateur boat builder.


L.O.A.                                    8.88 Mtrs

L.W.L                                    .8.45 Mtrs

Beam                                     4.96 Mtrs

Draft0.                                      80 Mtrs

Displacement                          3105 Kg

Hull Length / Beam                 9.18 to 1

Sail Area                      50.84 Squ Mtrs

Payload (Ave)                         1000 Kg

Payload (Max)                        2000 Kg

Note# All displacement and payload weights above are as per designed plan, and cannot be guaranteed.

The Waller 880 is designed for safe, comfortable family cruising, with bunks for 4 in seperate cabins, and room for 2 more on the dinette in an emergency. It also features a large, functional toilet / shower area, a full size chart table, a large galley, and a huge cockpit for socializing. There is excellent headroom throughout, with over 2 metres in the working hull areas and 1.5 metres over the bridge deck sitting / sleeping area. simplicity and ease of construction the hulls are strip planked in cedar and glass composite. The bulkheads, deck and cabin utilize plywood for cost efficiency, but can be constructed from composite panels if desired. The entire vessel uses timber / epoxy construction, with virtually no additional internal framing.

The rig is a simple but efficient 3/4 sloop, with a large sail area for light weather cruising, easily reefed in heavier weather. Auxiliary power is from an outboard engine in a seperate pod beneath the bridge deck. This works remarkably well, and the 880 is very manouvreable under power. vessel features small stubb keels for cruising simplicity, and efficient spade rudders for positive helm control. Steering as designed is by tiller, although wheel steering could be fitted as an alternative.

Study Plans  $25.00
Full Plans  $750.00
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