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Designed by Mike Waller


L.O.A.                                     7.50 Mtrs

L.W.L.                                     7.13 Mtrs

Beam                                      3.45 Mtrs

Draft (boards up)                    0.32 Mtrs

Draft (boards down)                1.45 Mtrs

Displacement                           1650 Kg

Weight                                      1350 Kg

Sail Area                        37.31 Squ Mtrs

Payload                                      700 Kg

Note# All displacement and payload weights above are as per designed plan, and cannot be guaranteed.


The WALLER TC 750 was designed as an easy to build and sail, low cost multi-hull yacht, , designed for a family of 4. The TC 750 is ideal for a couple, or a family with young children. The cabin features a full size double berth, a good sized and easy to use galley, and a small dinette area around which 3-4 can sit in comfort. There is also a seperate toilet compartment with room for a small shower and fold down basin, as well as two large quarter berths aft . At anchor, a boom tent will turn the cockpit into a huge covered living area.

The multi chine hull (flat bottom with 2 chines) is constructed from sheet ply over plywood bulkheads, with minimal timber framing. Construction employs the timber / epoxy building technique, is very strong to stand up to the rigors of being stored on a trailer frame, and is simple and straight forward with the entire shell built as a single unit. When turned over, very little is required to complete the vessel.

This yacht features twin dagger boards and rudders.

The rig is a simple 7/8 design, with non rotating spars and utilizing off the shelf fittings. It can be home built if desired. The rig features an assymetrical spinnaker set from a bow pole, but a normal symetrical spinnaker could be used if desired.

Particular care has been taken to ensure that this boat is both a safe and reliable performer, with an emphasis on good cruising performance and accomodation rather than all out racing, in keeping with its intended use as a family boat. Note that its intended area of use is sheltered and semi sheltered waters, and not open water.

Note that this vessel is wider than the standard road trailing width for most areas. Normally this yacht would live on a trailer frame at the local yacht club (much cheaper than a berth or mooring).

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Study Plans  $25.00
Full Plans  $450.00
No builders images of this design have been received to date
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