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Ordering Boat Plans from Mike Waller Yacht Design is extremely quick and easy.

Before ordering, check pricing information from our  PRICE LIST




Emailed ePlans

Emailed / downloaded ePlans may be purchased direct from our web site using using our PayPal Secure Online Payment Facility. PayPal allows payment by all major credit cards, debit cards, bank account or eCheque. For credit card purchases this is our preferred method as it is totally secure, far more so than sending your card information by telephone, mail or facsimile. It also allows you to make your purchase very quickly, and without providing your card or financial details to us, the vendors. Your order is received by us as soon as your purchase is completed with PayPal (which takes only minutes). Study ePlans are downloadable immediately, and your full ePlans are sent to you by email, generally within 48 hours (2 working day).

Printed and Posted Plans

We no longer provide printed plans as a general rule, due to the difficulties encounted delivering them to you in a timely manner. Standard postal services in many countries are slow and unreliable, and even courier delivery can create delays due to the lack of someone to receive the plans at the delivery address.

In addition, some countries charge extra for large parcels, to cover the cost of customs inspection, and many countries charge extremely high import duties which have no relation to the actual value of the printed matter. (Customs do not accept that the amount paid for the plans covers the right to build and backup service, and the intrinsic paper value of the printed plans is quite low.)

Australian residents.

For Australian residents, if you do not wish to use PayPal, contact us and we can work something out.

Other Countries.

For clients in countries other than Australia we sell only by PayPal except under special arrangement.

Please refer  to our SALES POLICY before ordering your plans.

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