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All Plans sold by Mike Waller Yacht Design are sold subject to the following conditions:

1. Copyright in all plans and associated matter remains with Michael D. Waller. Your purchase price gives you the right to use the information on those plans to build one (1) vessel only.

2. Plans are sold on the understanding that one boat only will be built from any given plan set. A royalty equal to the cost of the plans is payable for each subsequent vessel constructed, payable prior to commencement of the vessel. A new set of numbered plans will be issued to the builder for each vessel constructed.

3. Neither Michael D. Waller nor Mike Waller Yacht Design accepts responsibility for any vessel where the builder chooses to vary the vessel from the plan in any way without prior written approval from the designer.

4. Liability of Michael D. Waller and / or Mike Waller Yacht Design is limited to the price paid for the plans notwithstanding.

5. The fee charged for full stock plans includes backup to the extent of advise on the construction of the vessel as per plan unless otherwise specified, but does not include personal supervision, additions or alterations to the plans as designed. We do not provide additional design data or calculations in addition to the plans.

6. Plans may not be re-sold, copied or otherwise disposed to a third party without express written authority from Mike Waller Yacht Design.

7. The Designer reserves the right to add to, alter the contents of, or withdraw from sale, any plan at any time.

8. The designer reserves the right to decline any sale at any time.


All study plans are sold as electronic versions only, downloadable immediately upon purchase.

All full building plans are sent to the purchaser via email, generally within 48 hours, upon notification from PayPal of a successful purchase.

We do not as a rule provide pre-printed plans due to the costs and problems involved with shipping and importation.

For clients within Australia, if you are unable to use PayPal, please contact us and we will work something out for you. For other countries, we sell only electronic plans via PayPal.


For PayPal purchases, the receipt will be provided by PayPal electronically, at the time of purchase.


Sales of study eplans are not refundable once a plan has been successfully downloaded.

We reserve the right to decline any sale of full plans for any reason. In these cases, the client's payment will be refunded in full by PayPal.

Full ePlans are not refundable once a successful electronic copy of the plans has been received by or otherwise provided to the purchaser.

We can not refund simply because you change your mind. Please choose your plans and your method of purchase carefully.


Our vessel designs are not intended for commercial use and are not designed according to any local or national survey or government requirements. As these requirements vary from country to country, it is not possible or practical for us to do this with stock plans, which are designed for amateur builders. Our vessels are well designed to accepted standards, and should meet most purposes, however we do not guarantee that they will meet all legal requirements in all countries without modification. They are designed as private leisure craft, not as commercial craft.

Should any builder wish to register his vessel with any government authority for any reasons, the responsibility is that of the builder to satisfy the authority that the boat will meet their requirements. We will not become involved in this process directly. We do not release design data for this purpose.

Plans are provided as is.


For builders or prospective builders of a particular vessel , we are happy to provide contact details for other builders (where we possess such information, and those builders are willing to be identified), as we acknowledge the value of liaison between builders. However we will provide only telephone numbers and email contact addresses of builders who are happy to be contacted. We will not provide street or postal addresses of clients.

Registered Office:    21- 25 Crome Court, Caboolture, Queensland, Australia, 4510
Australian Active Business Number:    ABN 95582982588

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