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Why should you purchase a Waller designed plan instead of another design ?


We place our reputation on the quality of the plans we provide. Not only are our designs of a high standard, but the plans themselves are high quality, comprehensive and very complete.


All Waller designed boats are exceptionally strong, and are generally more strongly constructed than many similar designs on the market. We want our vessels to be able to stand up not only to the rigors of every day use, but also to the worst of nature, and the wear and tear of time. We want our boats to still be around in 40 - 50 years time.

Design quality - all Waller designed vessels are designed on tried and true principles which have withstood the tests of time. We design safe, seaworthy family boats, and do not employ any strange, unproven or unusual ideas in our boats unless we are satisfied that they are seaworthy.

Proven track record - Waller designed boats have crossed oceans in the worst of conditions, undertaken extensive coastal voyages in all conditions, coming through unscathed, and have proven to be excellent sea boats, both comfortable, strong and fast. Although not designed as racing boats, some of our designs have nevertheless performed well in racing.

Re-sale value - being from the board of a qualified yacht architect, Waller designed boats can be assured of retaining good value, and achieving a good re-sale value (subject of course to market conditions), assuming that they have been well built to begin with.

About Our Stock Plans

The Full Building Plans

Our stock plans DO include

- Drawings on large scale A1 plan sheets.
- Drafting to a very high standard and degree of accuracy, and in clear, concise and familiar 2D format.
- Full dimensioning wherever necessary.
- Clear, comprehensive and understandable building notes and specifications.
- Materials lists.
- For computer designed vessels, DXF files on disk for laser or router cutting of molds, where these are necessary or appropriate.
- Reasonable plan prices.
- Full backup during the building process.

Our plans DO NOT include

- Poor quality drawings and hand drawn sketches.
- Piles of very interesting, but barely useful photographs to make up for the lack of plan detail. We provide the plan detail as well, and  put the photos on our web site so you can look at them before you decide.
- Sketchy, incomplete information.
- Guesswork!!!

All plans are accurate and comprehensive, and are specifically aimed at amateur builders. The number of sheets varies from design to design.

Some designs include full size templates (smaller designs). Most larger designs include CAD/CAM FILES for the laser or router cutting of mould frames (larger designs where full size printed patterns are not practical.) These vary from design to design. These are not provided where hull shapes are so simple as to not warrant the cost of NC cutting.

All full stock plan prices include backup from this office via email.

The Study Plans

We provide study plans in 2 formats depending on the design.

1 - Standard Study Plans

These consist of:

- A selection of actual plan sheets reduced to A3 size. By reducing in size we are able to include more sheets whilst still retaining clarity and readability. Typically these will include a sail/rigging plan to allow preliminary quotes, a layout plan, profiles, and a couple of sample construction drawings.
- A materials list and sail plan to allow a preliminary costing.
- Full details on purchasing plans
- A written run-down on the design, its features and characteristrics, and a breakdown of the full plan content for the particular boat.

2 - eBook format Study Plans

These are available for some of our designs, and come as a single A4 document.

These study plans contain as much, and generally more information than the standard study plans. The main differance is that the drawings are re-formated so that instead of having several drawings on a single sheet, the eBooks have many more drawing sheets (A4) each of which contains a single drawing. All drawings are clear and concise.

No doubt you will have many questions about a boat which cannot be answered by a simple study plan, which is intended only to give a general overview of the vessel. However we are only too happy to answer more specific questions by phone or email.

How are plans delivered.

Our plans are delivered electronically via email or Internet download (depending on the type of plan).
Full plan packages are provided as Zip files containing multiple PDF files. Study Plans are either zip files or single PDF files


Digital versions of study plans (Study ePlans) are downloaded by you direct from Mike Waller Yacht Design, and will be in your possession within minutes of your purchase.

Digital versions of full building plans will be sent to you as an attachment to an email from Mike Waller Yacht Design following your purchase. Normally your personalised plans set will arrive within 48 hours (2 working day) of your purchasing your plans.

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