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Designed by Mike Waller

Our most popular sailing monohull design, the WALLER TS 5.4 is designed for 2 people and is ideal for a couple, or a parent and child. (Of course, more can be carried for day saiing.) The small cabin contains overnight accomodation with 2 berths in the midsection of the hull. There is even room for a small chemical toilet if desired.


L.O.A.                          5.36 Mtrs

L.W.L.                          5.20 Mtrs

Beam                           2.30 Mtrs

Draft (c/b up)                 .26 Mtrs

Draft (c/b down)          1.15 Mtrs

Displacement                  580 Kg

Actual Weight (Trailer)    410 Kg

Sail Area            18.28 Squ Mtrs

Ballast Weight                   90 Kg


Note# All displacement and payload weights above are as per designed plan, and cannot be guaranteed.


Construction in timber / epoxy, in either strip plank Western Red Cedar and glass, or moulded ply or timber veneer, and construction has been kept as simple as possible.

Plans include details for either method of construction, as well as full specifications and building guide. The boat is easily constructed and can be entirely home built with the exception of fittings and sails. Mast and boom can be home built from raw sections using stock marine fittings.

In it's designed environment of sheltered and semi - sheltered water it is an ideal step up for dingy sailors, and most suitable for older couples looking for something a little smaller. For those who like a brisk sail the performance is exceptional. Although designed as an inexpensive family fun boat this design has proved a most capable performer, winning and placing in several of Australia's premier trailer yacht events, as well as several state trailer yacht championships. It performs well against yachts both much larger and more expensive.

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Study Plans  $25.00
Full Plans  $200.00
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