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Designed by Mike Waller

The Moreton Bay Sharpie 5.4 was designed as a safe, comfortable yacht for day sailing and short range cruising for 2 persons, in sheltered and semi-sheltered waters. It is quick and easy to build, and suitable for less agile couples. The vessel features the tried and proven sharpie hull form, but with a more traditional appearance than most modern sharpies, and is built from marine plywood around ply bulkheads. Throughout, the timber / epoxy building method is used, with a minimum of extra timber framing in the hull. The clipper bow is a nostalgic whim which may be omitted if desired


L.O.A.                                        5.95 Mtrs

L.O.D.                                        5.40 Mtrs

L.W.L.                                          .50 Mtrs

Beam                                         1.90 Mtrs

Draft                                            .60 Mtrs

Displacement                               880 Kg

Weight                                          720 Kg

Sail Area - Gaff                18.00 Squ Mtrs

Sail Area - Sloop             17.30 Squ Mtrs

Note# All displacement and payload weights above are as per designed plan, and cannot be guaranteed.


Unlike traditional sharpies the MBS 5.4 has a shallow ballasted keel, providing shallow water sailing without the hassle of a centreboard whilst still allowing the boat to be trailed. The keel gives excellent stability without the gymnastics normally required of a centreboard boat. An additional advantage is that the cabin space is not cluttered by a board case. The MBS 5.4 is a true mini cruiser.

Since first launching the MBS 5.4 has proven to be a safe and seaworthy little mini cruiser, easy to sail and well balanced. She sails well in all conditions and look absolutely great on the water.

The interior layout of the MBS 5.4 has 2 berths, with seating around a small table, a small galley and room for a small chemical toilet if desired. The table drops down to create a double berth.With no centerboard case, the berths easily convert to a double.

The MBS 5.4 has 2 rig options, a traditional gaff rig with timber mast, and a more modern sloop rig with either timber or alloy mast. Both rigs feature an alloy boom. Sail areas for the two rigs are comparable.

With a designed displacement of 880Kg (Ballast Keel 220 Kg) and a trailer weight of 720Kg she will tow behind the average family car. With a draft of only 600mm she  can be launched and retrieved from a suitable trailer without difficulty. It is worth noting that the  trailer weight includes all standard gear (nobody strips a boat to tow it.) The vessel is specifically designed to be built for minimum cost, although costs will vary according to materials used and the skill of the builder

Study Plans  $25.00
Full Plans  $155.00
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